We kid you not.

Goat Yoga
Credit: Facebook @farmfrendbend

Yoga + farm animals? Yes please!

The goat yoga trend that began on the West Coast last year continues to sweep the nation. The latest place to jump on board? The small town of Leicester, North Carolina, located just 20 minutes outside of Asheville.

Franny's Farm kicked off (pun intended) their goat yoga program, Farm Friend Bend, last weekend and is already getting rave reviews from yogis and baby goats alike.

Owner Frances Tacy tells WLOS that goat yoga is part of a series of workshops planned to connect people with local farmers.

"There's all sorts of science about how holding a baby makes you naturally happy, releases endorphins," she explained. "We're just here to have a wonderful time and relax and enjoy everything about the animals."

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Farm Friend Bend is described on Facebook as "an interactive yoga class that helps you get zen with our goat friends. The classes are all for beginners, and great for those new to yoga or those who need more baby goats in their life!"

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