You're going to love this G.O.A.T. proposal story.

Goat Marriage Proposal
Credit: YouTube

When Andrew Forbes proposed to his girlfriend, Allison Jones, there were no rose petals. There were no violins, and there were no puppies…but there was a baby goat.

The epic proposal occurred on a weekend trip to Max Patch, a mountain in North Carolina, with their friends. Jones grew a little suspicious when at one point Forbes disappeared, but her friends assured her that he was simply helping someone change a flat tire at the bottom of the mountain. Assuaged, she thought nothing of it.

Two hours passed before Forbes reappeared with something in his arms. "I turned and looked at Andrew and was so confused, at first I thought he was carrying at log but then as I got closer and saw Andrew's big proud smile I realized it was a baby goat!" Jones tells How He Asked.

But it wasn't just any baby goat. There was a question for Jones engraved into the dog tag around the little animal's neck. She just had to find it.

"Andrew set him down for me to hug and pet and he said, ‘Alli J look at his name!' His voice was shaky and I could tell he was so nervous but I still didn't understand what was happening," she recalls. "I looked at the silver dog tag around his neck and it read ‘Will you marry me?'"

"I burst out in tears and without even pausing to say yes I said, ‘Andrew! Are you serious?!' and at that point he was down on one knee and asked me to marry him," Jones went on. "Of course, I kissed him and nodded my head, crying too many tears of joy to say the word ‘yes' and he put the ring on my finger."

As for the goat, Forbes and Jones named him Max after their engagement location. He even has his own Instagram account now. Our new favorite follow!

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These two are off to a great start. Wishing them many happy years together and with Max!