Goats and peacocks, oh my!

Headed to Myrtle Beach? We hope you've carved out some time to explore the funky eateries and bars along Main Creek in Murrells Inlet. While there, here's one spectacle you definitely want to take in: Goat Island.

As in, The Palmetto State has its very own island filled with the adorable creatures, at least for part of the year. Each April, goats are brought to the island, where they stay through November, helping to keep the isle's vegetation under control. The island is also home to peacocks, and enjoys visits from ducks, pelicans, and more. Herding these goats up each autumn, needless to say, is quite the scene. Indeed, the 20,000-square-foot island by Murrells Inlet is more than just a sanctuary for goats—it was once believed to be a popular locale for pirates to hide.

To see Goat Island, head to Murrells Inlet MarshWalk, a wooden boardwalk with lots of bars and restaurants, that's the ideal vantage point for viewing Goat Island. Your best bet for checking out these adorable creatures? Go to Drunken Jack’s, where you can observe the goats and peacocks on Goat Island, right across the way. Fun fact: The owner's of this popular watering hole are actually the ones who put the goats on Goat Island.

“Goat Island is such a unique spot, from its centuries old pirate history to its modern day home to goats and peacocks–all within eyeshot from the restaurants along the popular MarshWalk in Murrells Inlet, just south of Myrtle Beach’s main drag,” Julie Ellis, PR and communications manager of Visit Myrtle Beach, shared with Southern Living. “The island’s stories and its quirky inhabitants have been entertaining visitors for years, and we love that it is a tradition that continues to live on.” Check out a cute video of the goats in action below.

Who knew that one of the South's most popular vacation destinations had such a unique island? We'll definitely be making a detour to check this out next time we're in town.  Meet you at Drunken Jack's for a Salty Goat cocktail and a view?