These Tiny Cabins in Texas Hill Country Are Perfect for a Girlfriends Getaway

Book one of the eight four-person cabins and rally up the ladies.

. Photo: Michelle Watt

There's something about being in nature that makes you think more clearly, breathe more deeply, pause more meaningfully. And there may not be any scientific studies to prove it, but we hear all of that get amplified when you post up in a sleek tiny cabin.

That's why were so excited to hear of the recent opening of Getaway Hill Country, located one hour from Austin and San Antonio in Texas Hill Country. This comes on the heels of the 2019 debut of Getaway Piney Woods, located less than two hours from Dallas.

"We live in a time where we're expected to always be connected. Rarely do people take the time to escape the daily grind, put away their devices and get in touch with their thoughts, nature, themselves or their loved ones," said Jon Staff, CEO and Founder of Getaway, in a media statement. "Getaway was created to give people the time, space and permission to be off. We're excited to launch our second outpost in Texas, welcoming guests from Austin and San Antonio."

Getaway Hill Country has 32 two-person cabins and eight four-person cabins spread out on a sprawling 60-acre property. All cabins include a cellphone lockbox, shower, campfire grill grate, AC and heat, and more. To help you disconnect, no WiFi is offered on the grounds (though you should have cell phone service just fine should you choose to keep it out of the lockbox). Rates for both Texas vacation rental sites start from $99 a night.

Getaway Hill Country 1
Michelle Watt

In addition to these two properties in Texas, Getaway runs locations outside of Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, and Washington, D.C., with plans for continued expansion in the works.

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In an increasingly digital world, we love the idea of spending a vacation truly offline and spending more time in nature. Who's got the knitting supplies and some new book recommendations to share? We'll pack the snacks.

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