When the original Gerber baby met the current Gerber baby, adorableness ensued.

By Meghan Overdeep
June 08, 2018

What's the only thing cuter than a Gerber baby? Two Gerber babies, of course!

Twitter nearly had a meltdown when two extra special Gerber babies met this week. Hearts all over the world nearly burst when a photo of the first-ever Gerber Baby, 91-year-old Ann Turner Cook, and Gerber's current spokesbaby, Lucas Warren, started making the rounds on social media.

In the now-viral photo, Warren, the first Gerber baby to have Down syndrome, can be seen smiling happily from his seat on Cook's lap.

The photo was first shared by Cook's grandson, Chris Colin. "My grandmother was the Gerber baby," he wrote alongside the precious snap. "It was a funny bit of trivia, never made her rich or got us free strained peas or anything. But last week she got to meet the company's newest spokesbaby, named Lucas. Pretty pretttty cute."

Gerber spokeswoman, Bernadette Tortorella, told USA Today that the Warren family was vacationing near Cook and asked Gerber if the company could arrange a meet-up.

Mom and Dad Cortney and Jason told USA Today that little Lucas "immediately bonded" with Cook:

"Lucas walked right up to her, flashing his signature smile and waving, and we could tell he loved her right away," they recalled. "He even grabbed two cookies and offered her one, which she accepted!"

Our hearts!