Georgia Power Linemen Help Rescue Puppies Left in Dumpster

"When we picked them up, we knew it was the right thing to do."

Georgia Power Linemen Puppy Rescue
Photo: Humane Society of Northeast Georgia

Two Georgia Power linemen found themselves in the right spot at the right time on Tuesday morning.

Shane Porter told 11Alive that he was at a job site in Gainesville when his coworker David noticed two tiny puppies about to run into the road. With freezing rain pouring down, the men used a Slim Jim to coax the timid puppies toward them.

Just as Porter got his hands on one of them, a man approached carrying a third puppy wrapped up in a jacket. He said he had pulled all three puppies out of a nearby dumpster and two of them ran off. Together, the three men convinced the last puppy with a can of Vienna sausages.

"We just put them in the cab of the truck and took them over to the humane society," Porter told the station. The puppies—two girls and a boy—fell asleep at the feet of one of the linemen during the ride.

"When we picked them up, we knew it was the right thing to do," he added.

The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia posted photos on Facebook of the poorly puppies and the linemen who saved them.

"Today the phrase 'Thrown out like trash' was taken to the next level in the worst way," they wrote. "Two Georgia Power linemen rescued three puppies out of a DUMPSTER in the freezing rain. They were covered in filth, their ribs protruding around their bloated bellies, and frightened beyond belief."

Julie Edwards, the executive director of the organization, told 11Alive that other than some intestinal parasites, the puppies appear healthy. They are expected to be available for adoption by next week.

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As for their names, one is being called David after the lineman who spotted them in the road. Another is named Jennifer, after his wife.

"And then the third puppy is named Georgia, for Georgia Power," Edwards said.

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