What a field trip!

As we're all staying at home and waiting for our regular lives to resume, we're looking for all the cuteness and emotional boosts we can find. Sometimes, it comes in the form of this wonderful Instagram account dedicated to dogs working at home. Other times, it is inspiration in the form of these practical ideas to beat loneliness during the coronavirus crisis.

Today, salvation has come courtesy of a sweet video clip showcasing oh-so-cute kittens frolicking with the fish at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. "We’re smitten with these kittens 😻 Atlanta Humane Society is back by popular demand and this time with five fuzzy felines to meet our tropical fish," as Georgia Aquarium's Facebook post captioning the adorable video stated.  We do admit we're pretty darn smitten over these kittens, too.

Per Georgia Aquarium, the kittens in the video have names taken from aquatic themes: Nemo, Dory, Guppy, Marlin, and Bubbles. They're all one-month old and are currently residing in a loving foster home together.

In addition to these kittens, the Georgia Aquarium received a recent visit from some puppies, also from the Atlanta Humane Society, which made our hearts melt. Check out the video and get ready to smile here.

Worth noting: the kittens and puppies that star in these little excursions to the Georgia Aquarium are not available for adoption, but you can see all of the animals currently up for adoption at the Atlanta Humane Society's website here. "Atlanta Humane Society is committed to providing care to their animals and the same goes for us at Georgia Aquarium. We love to work with like-minded organizations that care and understand the commitment to animals," says Paige Hale, Senior Manager of Communications at Georgia Aquarium, via a media statement, of the two organization's collaboration.

Fore more updates from the Georgia Aquarium, be sure to visit their Facebook page.

We don't know about you but we're certainly looking forward to the day when we can visit some of the South's attractions in real life and not through a computer or phone screen. For now, keep staying safe and keep staying home, everyone.