South Carolina Sanitation Worker Has Adorable Dance-Off with 4-Year-Old Boy

Our hearts!

Finn Lippert Dancing
Photo: Erin Lippert

In Erin Lippert's Georgetown, South Carolina, neighborhood, the sanitation crew might as well be celebrities.

"They are such a delight," the mom-of-three told Southern Living. "They honk, they wave, ask how you are—the friendliest bunch of guys ever! The kids all throughout the neighborhood look forward to them."

On Monday, Lippert's four-year-old son Finn was waiting for the famous sanitation crew to roll by the family's Maryville house when he looked at his mother and said, "I feel like dancin' mama!"

So, standing barefoot in his driveway, that's just what he did. To his surprise, one of the workers danced back.

Fortunately for us, Lippert managed to capture the adorable dance-off on video (below). Not surprisingly, it's getting a ton of views on social media.

According to Lippert, the man with all the moves is named is Marcus Doiley, who also lives in Georgetown.

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Finn reportedly "loves" to dance, so we're crossing our fingers for another impromptu performance in the near future.

How cute is that?

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