Listen to "The Weight of the Badge."


What's a synonym for "Chicken Soup for the Southerner's Soul?" George Strait, of course.

When you close your eyes and listen to the Texas native's soothing warble, it's hard not to feel incredibly moved. Such is the case for the singer's latest single, "The Weight of the Badge," off of his new album Honky Tonk Time Machine. The evocative song honors the men and women who serve in the police force, helping to keep our country safe every day and night.

The track was co-written by George Strait, his son Bubba, and the Strait's longtime songwriting partner, Dean Dillion. With a simple guitar lick, the song jumps right in to welling up tears in your eyes: "It's gonna be a long one, another graveyard shift /
As he says goodbye to his wife and kids / He spends his life just like his dad's / Driving away under the weight of the badge."

Listen to the full audio below. What country music song makes you the most emotional?

We feel like Strait deserves his own category of high-waterworks tunes. "Blue Melodies," "Without Me Around," and "I Believe," are always sufficient in opening up our floodgates.