"I love you more than the tongue can tell."
Jenna and Barbara Bush with George HW Bush in Maine
Credit: Jenna Bush Hager

On November 30th, 2018 George Herbert Walker Bush died at the age of 94. As the nation continues to mourn this great American hero, the Bush family misses a beloved father and grandfather every day.

For his family, of course, the memories are far more personal. Bush's granddaughter, Jenna Hager Bush, turned to Instagram this morning to pen a few emotional posts. In one, she shared a cartoon by Clarion Ledger cartoonist Marshall Ramsey depicting the senior Bush arriving in Heaven via his TBM Avenger, the vintage propeller military plane he flew in the Navy during World War II, greeted by his wife Barbara and daughter Robin. Robin was the eldest daughter of George and Barbara Bush whom they lost to advanced leukemia when she was just three years old.

Jenna shares in the caption that this cartoon brought her "such comfort" on this Saturday morning that she is waking up grieving her Gampy. She continued, "I had the opportunity to talk with my grandpa about the afterlife. This is what he said: He answered without any hesitation. ‘Yes, I think about it. I used to be afraid. I used to be scared of dying. I used to worry about death. But now in some ways I look forward to it.'"

Jenna shared that this admission made her cry but through her tears she managed to ask him why, what did he look forward to?

"And he said, ‘Well, when I die, I'm going to be reunited with these people that I've lost.' And I asked who he hoped to see. He replied, I hope to see Robin, and I hope to see my mom. I haven't yet figured it out if it will be Robin as the three-year-old that she was, this kind of chubby, vivacious child or if she'll come as a middle-aged woman, an older woman. And then he said, ‘I hope she's the three-year-old.'"

The grieving granddaughter completed her post with sharing a phrase her Gampy had said to his precious baby girl who lost her fight and that he continued to say to all of his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, "forever knitting Robin's voice into the tightly woven fabric of our family: ‘I love you more than the tongue can tell.'"

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It appears this conversation took place before the Bush family lost their beloved matriarch, Barbara in April 2018. George and Barbara shared an epic love story, married for 73 years. Barbara Bush's former chief of staff, Kristan King Nevins pointed out on CNN that their wedding anniversary would be in January and because she died in the spring of 2018 and he in the fall of the same year, neither had to be on this earth for that day without the other.

We at Southern Living send our condolences to our Editor-at-Large, Jenna Bush Hager, and the entire Bush family.