DD Vanilla Chai, please.

What do Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks, IHOP, and Applebee's all have in common? Besides being hot contenders for your morning grub nominations, they've all partnered up with General Motors on exciting new technology.

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As AdAge reports, 2017 and 2018 car models made by General Motors set up with their MyLink infotainment system are getting an upgrade called Marketplace. The app update is designed to simplify in-car shopping and more (car owners do not have to take the update). Marketplace is designed to make things like securing a dinner reservation, ordering coffee, and paying for gas a breeze from your in-vehicle portal. Currently, car owners can access deals and membership rewards for select gas stations and gas payment is expected to come in 2018.

For instance, if you're a DD Perks member, the service will enable you to pre-order and pay with your Perks from your dashboard. You'll be able to peruse your saved favorites and recently placed orders to make the process even easier. Then, you select drive-thru or in-store pick-up at the Dunkin' Donuts of your choice.

Of course, there is much inherent danger in using these portals while driving, garnering criticism from safety advocates.

In a story that ran on Detroit Free Press, Santiago Chamorro, GM Vice President for Global Connected Customer Experience countered that software developers upheld industry guidelines to fight distracted driving, and their cars' systems have been designed to lessen a person's hand interacting with the touch screen. Bottom line: We'd say it's pretty neat that ordering your cup of morning joe is so easy, but do it from your driveway—not the road.