Everyone was looking for a little pool action this Memorial Day Weekend.
Gator in Pool
Credit: Facebook @SarasotaCountySheriff

A Sarasota, Florida family had their Memorial Day pool party crashed by an unexpected guest—a gigantic alligator lurking in their pool. As the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office noted in their Facebook post, it's a good thing the family took a moment to look in their pool before diving in or else the long weekend could have ended very differently.

When the family spotted the uninvited guest lurking in the deep end of their pool, they called the police and Deputy Lori Clark responded to the family's call for help. We're guessing that Deputy Clark took one long look at the gator and realized she couldn't simply issue a ticket to get the gator out of the pool. Instead, she immediately called in the professionals at The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, who in turn enlisted a professional alligator trapper to "relocate the gator to a safer and more "appropriate" location," according to the Sheriff's Facebook post. When they hauled the gator out of the water they realized it was a monster clocking it at seven or eight feet long.

Watch the trapper wrangle the gigantic gator and give thanks that there are professionals to handle these situations, so you don't have to simply wall off the swimming pool until the gator finds new digs or, you know, move to another state.

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The story also serves as an important reminder to Southerners to always check their swimming pools for mysterious and suspicious shadows before jumping in.