Watch Highline Performers Walk Beside Gatlinburg SkyBridge, 150 Feet in the Air

Why use a wooden bridge when you can teeter on a two-inch line?

Gatlinburg SkyBridge Highline
Photo: Designsensory

Gatlinburg SkyLift Park celebrated the addition of its new SkyTrail with a heart-pounding performance worthy of the high-altitude attraction.

At numerous points throughout the weekend, members of professional highline team Rucksack Circus delighted visitors by walking alongside North America's longest pedestrian suspension bridge. That's right: alongside.

During each performance, members of the highline team traversed a two-inch-wide line suspended 150 feet above the ground across the Crockett Mountain Gap —all while providing commentary and fielding guest questions.

Highlining is different from tightrope-walking because highlines are rigged at lower tensions, which gives the rope more freedom of movement. That means it swings, bounces, and moves in the air more than a traditional tightrope. Additionally, performers do not walk with a balance pole or any stabilizing lines attached to the line.

"Walking on a highline is much more of a moving meditation than about adrenaline chasing," Thomas Rogers of Rucksack Circus said in a news release. "You really enter into a flow state when on the line."

Talk about a show!

WATCH: Gatlinburg SkyBridge Park's New Scenic Trail Set to Open Just in Time for Fall Foliage

Gatlinburg SkyLift Park's new SkyTrail is a 0.3-mile walkway along the contours of Crockett Mountain. The latest addition to the Gatlinburg attraction connects both sides of the SkyBridge, creating an opportunity for adults and kids who would prefer not to traverse North America's longest pedestrian suspension bridge.

From the trail, visitors can enjoy scenic views of the world-famous SkyBridge and the Great Smoky Mountains in the distance. The easy-to-walk, family-friendly trail can be walked in either direction.

Phase 1 of the trail is set to open in the coming weeks

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