You don't want to get locked out of your car on your wedding day, but here's what happened when one bride did.
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This week in feel-good news, a Gatlinburg police officer helped a woman avoid a fiasco on her wedding day.

The bride, Judy Frazier, who hails from New Orleans, was in the Gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains, for her wedding when she got herself into a bit of a pickle. As  Knoxville-based WATE 6 originally shared, the bride inadvertently locked her car keys in the trunk of car on her wedding day this past Sunday, March 1st, and realized she did so after she and her bridal party had finished their hairstyling appointments.

“When I first walked out I was like, ‘okay, y’all, where are my keys?’ And everybody was like, ‘I don’t have them. I don’t have them.’ And then I remembered what I did with them… I remember putting them in the trunk,” Frazier told the news outlet. With little time to spare, the bride and her group ran into a convenience store and bought everything they could think of that may help them get into Frazier's car successfully. Unfortunately, their makeshift efforts were in vain. Running out of ideas, the group called the Gatlinburg Police Department and Officer Mike Green came to the scene to assist the frantic bride.

Thankfully, he was able to help Frazier enter her car and stayed with Frazier and her group until the keys were successfully retrieved from the trunk. Since the car's security system kicked in and disabled the capability to open the trunk with the touch of a button, the ladies had to think craftily. They would have to go through the pass through from the backseat into the trunk. "[A loved one in the bridal party] had to break around the boxes where the bouquets were so we could get around to get to where the keys were,” described Frazier of the complicated mission to retrieve her car keys.

After all the drama, Frazier and her now-husband, Chris, had a wonderful ceremony and memorable wedding day—perhaps even more so because of this wacky incident. As for the bride's thoughts on the kind Officer Mike Green? "He is part of the family now. He will forever be in our memories.”

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We're glad everything worked out for Frazier and are certainly breathing a sigh of relief for her. We sure hope this all serves as a good reminder for everyone to always keep track of your car keys.