Take a Virtual Ghost Tour of Gatlinburg with "Ghostflix"

Journey to a time when this polished tourist destination was a rough frontier town with a healthy tradition of witchcraft.

Sunrise over Gatlinburg skyline
Photo: Jonathan Ross/Getty Images

With Halloween celebrations and out-of-state travel stymied by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, businesses coming up with ways for customers to get the most out of the spooky season without having to sacrifice their safety.

Take, for example, US Ghost Adventures. In light of public health concerns, this guided walking tour company that specializes in ghost tours of America's most haunted cities has introduced new virtual options, like Ghostflix.

Thrill seekers looking to experience the scary side of history will love what is essentially the Netflix of ghost tours. There are live and recorded ghost tours through the streets of more than 20 cities, which you can enjoy from the comfort of home.

The Ghostflix tour of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, which promises to explore "beneath the bubbly mountain charm of Gatlinburg," has us particularly intrigued. A guide takes you to a time when this polished tourist destination was nothing more than a rough frontier town, home to cannibals and family feuds that go back generations, and a healthy tradition of witchcraft. (This virtual tour is available on demand for $13 per viewing.)

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Hungry for more scares? US Ghost Adventures also features a live ghost tour each week. Live events ($15 per viewer) allow you to stream the ghost tour as it's happening and interact with the guide.

The next live tour, which will take you to haunted Asheville, is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, October 23, at 7pm EST. A can't be missed tour of New Orleans will take place the following day, Saturday, October 24, at 7pm CST.


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