Talk about answered prayers!
Garth Brooks proposal
2016 Jerod Harris
| Credit: Getty Images / Jerod Harris

It's impossible to go to a Garth Brooks concert and not have a good time. But it's safe to say that one Dallas-based couple had a really, good, good time at Brooks' show at Oklahoma City's Chesapeake Energy Arena this past Saturday night. Clearly at ease in his home state, the singer engages in some playful banter with Drew and Chelsey, two newly engaged fans in the audience. Drew chose to pop the question mid-song during the appropriate tune, Unanswered Prayers. Brooks hit the couple with all the hard hitting questions asking them about the song he chose, how long he'd planned it, and if they had a date planned. Then came the real shocker...

As the clip shows, Brooks very generously volunteered to send the couple on an all expenses paid honeymoon under one condition: "Well, I tell you what, if you pick Hawaii, Miss [Tricia] Yearwood and I will pay for it," he offers, clearly holding a special place in his heart for the island where Brooks and his wife Yearwood renewed their vows last year.

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Meanwhile, later on when Brooks shared his kind giveway to the couple with Yearwood, she agreed but quipped, "Nobody else can get engaged tonight." Considering Brooks just topped the Forbes' list of highest-paid country music stars of 2017, we're hoping it didn't break the ol' piggy bank too much. Congrats to the happy couple!