Why a Shopping Cart from Monticello, Georgia, Was the Most Romantic Gift Garth Brooks Ever Got Trisha Yearwood

Just hear Trish out on this one.

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With a story like this, who wouldn't want a shopping cart for Christmas?

Indeed, we still can't believe what a thoughtful husband Garth Brooks is to his wife of nearly 15 years, Trisha Yearwood, after hearing this sweet tale from Taste of Country. The husband-and-wife duo recently appeared on the outlet's Taste of Country Nights radio show to catch up on new music and life, when Yearwood opened up about a very special gift.

When asked to discuss the best holiday gift each had ever received from each other, Yearwood dived into discussing this unique present that sits comfortably at the top of her list as the best gift ever.

"I was just talking about one of my favorite [gifts]...The one that we were just discussing is a grocery cart—I know, sounds really romantic. But the reason that it is romantic is we were talking about how when you get home with your groceries, and you're making trips, carrying 'em all in, it's like, wouldn't it be so cool if you had a cart at home?" Yearwood shares with Taste of Country Nights hosts Evan Paul and Amber Atnip.

Here's where the story gets good: To obtain said grocery cart, Brooks gave Yearwood's mom, Gwen Yearwood, a buzz. "This was several years ago. And she talks about her hometown, Monticello, Ga., grocery store. It was called Red and White—it's no longer in business. But [he asked], 'Could we get a grocery cart from there, you think?'" Eager to help, Yearwood's mom tracked down the man who ran the supermarket and asked if he had any of the old shopping carts on hand. As luck would have it, he had more than a few to spare.

"[My mom] said, 'How much would it cost to buy one? Garth wants to give this as a present to Trisha.' And my dad [the late Jack Yearwod] was a small town, blue jeans banker," Yearwood recalls. "And the guy said, 'Oh, I couldn't charge you anything. Mr. Jack gave me the money to start my business 40 years ago, so it'd be my pleasure.'"

To this day, that very shopping cart remains in the couple's garage and is the family's workhorse when it comes to unloading their supermarket haul. We're sure it makes Yearwood smile every time she uses it and reflects on the story behind it.

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"[It's] such a thoughtful, romantic gift. And that's just one of, like, a million things. I wish I could be as thoughtful as [Brooks]; I'm workin' on it," Yearwood jokes. Ah, who could turn a gift as mundane as a toaster-when-we-were-expecting-an-engagement-ring status offering into something so cherished? Only Garth, only Garth.

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