This is music to our ears.

As we all settle into summer, it's been tough to adjust to a season of cancelled concerts, events, and travel plans during the coronavirus crisis. These days, we're feeling particularly grateful for all the entertainers who have done their best to keep us entertained at home.

Now, we're grateful for some awesome hints dropped by Garth Brooks in his "Inside Studio G" Facebook series that an acoustic show from him and his wife Trisha Yearwood is in the works.

As country music website, The Country Daily, originally reported, Brooks gave fans such clues in the June 22nd Father's Day Edition of Inside Studio G. Around the 27-minute mark a fan asks if there's "any chance we can get another night of just you, your guitar and Trisha Yearwood or anyone you want to invite and let us all have a night of music, love, and 'for a moment all the world was right(ness)?'"

Brooks responds, “Let’s look and see what karma’s saying about 7/7 [July 7th]. Let’s figure out a time to do it, and we’ll do it...We'll do it as a way not to just come together apart, but come together instead of lashing out, let’s come together in love. Let's do that. 7/7. We'll see if it's in there. If not, we'll find another date.” Watch Brooks' full video below.

Indeed, this summer is shaping up to be different than what we're used to, but bright lights like music can make the difference between a bad mood lingering and infusing a bit of joy into your day. Never mind the fun living room dance party that will inevitably ensue from blasting some Garth and Trisha.

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Now, here's to hoping Garth and Trisha accept some set list requests. Can we get an "Ain't Goin' Down ('Til the Sun Comes Up)" duet?