Priceless Obituary Praises Georgia Grandma's "Untouchable" Cornbread

This epic tribute would surely make Katy Lynn McDonald proud.

Southern Skillet Cornbread
Photo: Southern Living

It seems that the South has lost a culinary giant in 80-year-old Katy Lynn McDonald.

A kind and generous woman who juggled roles as a Cub Scout den mother, Girl Scout mom, and hospital "dietary professional" throughout her otherwise ordinary life, McDonald's children shared the news of her December 14th passing in a hilarious and heartwarming obituary that would make any Southern woman proud.

According to her family, the mother-of-four from Peachtree City, Georgia, was a "studied cook of the old Southern school" whose "remarkable" chicken and dumplin' recipe was "simply the best" and whose cornbread was "untouchable."

"Her recipes were used to feed thousands of patients when she worked as a dietary professional at Red Bank Hospital," the now-viral tribute reads. "Her cornbread was a favorite among patients and employees of the hospital—the recipe is untouchable… seriously, we can't find it. If anyone has a copy, please let the family know."

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McDonald also loved gardening, "growing stuff," and volunteering at church. And somehow, she still found time to raise four well-mannered kids—a feat that isn't lost on them.

"We do sincerely appreciate her selfless sacrifices and various lessons of life, like how to use a napkin; to not eat soup with a fork; to say 'please' and 'thank you;' to call each-and-every-one of her and dad's friends 'Mr. and Mrs.;' and lots more," they wrote.

McDonald's obituary ends by saying that in lieu of flowers, the family asks that you please write your congressman and ask for the repeal of Day Light Savings Time. "We think Mom would like it if we were all on the Lord's Time," it concludes.

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