Official church sign of the summer!

By Meghan Overdeep
August 24, 2018
Houston Heat Church Sign
Credit: Instagram/ABC 13 Houston

Even by Texas standards, Houston has had a scorcher of a summer. With day after day of 100-plus degree temperatures, even local churches were feeling the burn. The last thing anybody wanted to do—clergy and laymen alike—was go outside. Things like changing the messaging on church signs, for example, fell by the wayside.

God would understand, wouldn't he?

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At least that's the approach one church took with their sign. Instead of spreading the good word, Grace United Methodist decided to vent about the record-breaking heat wave in the most hilarious way.

"Too hot to keep changing this sign," the announcement outside the church read in early August. "Sin bad. Jesus good. Details inside."

And even in the land of tongue-in-cheek church signs we call the South, people were calling this one a winner. It is, after all, straight to the point and painfully relatable.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.