Well, New Orleans, what's your comeback?
New Orleans Mobile Sign
Credit: Joel Carillet/Getty Images

Hey Crescent City, Alabama has a friendly reminder for you: Mobile is the birthplace of the original Mardi Gras, and the proud folks of Alabama do not want you to forget it. While New Orleans comes to mind when we think of Mardi Gras, the first Fat Tuesday fête actually took place in 1703 ("Sometimes I jokingly say ‘[Mobile] had it first, but [New Orleans] told them where to put it," Arthur Hardy, Mardi Gras Guide author, told TIME. "The men who started the first Mardi Gras organization in New Orleans were from Mobile, and they actually borrowed [traditions from] Mobile's Mardi Gras-style parade.")

Now some pretty funny signage has appeared in the Bayou State recently to rub it in, as Brittany Callahan tweeted:

Done laughing? We may just have to text this one out to every NOLA friend we've got. Meanwhile, the billboard has the stamp of Alabama's official tourism board, so we can't help but wonder how the folks at the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau will exact revenge.

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For now, we'll have to keep our eyes peeled for new billboards and hope that the New Orleans CVB has some equally talented copywriters.