You Can Book a Room in the Middle of the Atlantic Ocean at This North Carolina 'Bed and Breakfast'

And you thought airbnb had cool listings.

Frying Pan Tower
Photo: Courtesy Richard Neal

It may not be an over-water bungalow Caribbean vacation fantasies are made of, but it's certainly unique.

Located approximately 30 miles off of North Carolina's coast, the Frying Pan Tower is a former Coast Guard light station that now operates as a one-of-kind bed and breakfast. Erected mid-sea on a modified Texas oil drilling platform, the structure retired from its Coast Guard duties in 2004. In 2010, it was purchased in an auction, and converted into an eight-bedroom abode, with bookings open to the public. (Don't expect luxury digs—the rooms here read more "dorm room chic" than "four star hotel." View them here.)

During a stay, visitors can soak up majestic panoramic views of the ocean and sky, as well as enjoy activities like fishing, billiards, hammock-lazing, skeet shooting, and golfing on the deck. As "off-the-grid" as this actual middle-of-the-ocean haunt may be, there's (somehow) high-speed internet.

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When weasked owner Richard Neal if guests are expected to swim there, he chuckled and said he gets that one a lot. Fortunately, he explained, most visitors arrive via helicopter thanks to the facility's landing pad, or charter a local boat to drop them off at their seaside dwellings.

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