We repeat: Free. Popeyes. Sandwich.
Popeyes Chicken Sandwhich
Credit: Popeyes

If you love chicken sandwiches, it's hard to outdo Popeyes chicken sandwich. When one of Southern Living's writers tried it for the first time, she wrote:

Needless to say, this sandwich means serious business. But, for chicken sandwich aficionados, what's the only thing better than a Popeyes chicken sandwich? A free Popeyes sandwich. Thankfully, to celebrate Leap Day, if you order through popular delivery service, Postmates, a glorious free sandwich can be yours. Here's how to get your free sandwich: Order a Popeyes chicken sandwich on Postmates any time between February 24th and February 28th and you'll get a code for a free chicken sandwich via email on Leap Day, February 29th. To be eligible for the free code, the order you place in the days ahead of Leap Day must meet a minimum of $15, so be sure to add few sides or order sandwiches for the whole family.

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Well, with Leap Day coming once but every four-ish years, we think this is an excellent reason to put down our oven mitts and order delivery. We guess it's time to carve out two nights next week for Popeyes.