The tech leader can help you determine the ideal time to hit the road in many major metro areas across the country.
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Google does plenty of impressive things. It revolutionized email. It makes some pretty neat phones. It even puts Disney World at your fingertips (see below).

WATCH: Google Just Made a Visit to Disney a Few Clicks Away

Now, the search engine giant is here to help you with a side effect of the July 4th holiday: Traffic. Major, big-time, book-your-car-to-the-airport-five-hours-in-advance traffic.

"4th of July is coming up in the U.S., and people are skipping town. According to Google Flights data, several of the top trending destinations for 4th of July travel are outside the United States: Moscow, Russia; Ponta Delgada, Portugal; New Orleans, Louisiana; Cartagena, Colombia; and Lisbon, Portugal are at the top of the list," Michelle Timmerman writes in a recent article on Google's The Keyword blog."For people who are traveling by car instead of airplane, Google Maps data can tell you the best time to hit the road (and when the traffic will peak), according to your city." Worth noting: The Google team crunched numbers for 25 major metro areas across the country, including Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Miami, Washington D.C., and more Southern destinations.

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Google reports that they're only seeing slightly elevated traffic levels as Independence Day approaches, which may show people are staying local since the holiday falls on a Wednesday this year. For those skipping town, the ideal times to leave were either early this morning (July 3rd), or late this evening. If you're driving somewhere on the 4th, Google recommends leaving between 4:00am and 6:00am.

For an interactive map of travel patterns for this week in major cities across America, click here. If thoughts of dodging impending traffic jams are making you want to stay put, here's a slew of tasty holiday recipes, backyard not included.