One lucky Maryland man is putting the "fortune" in "fortune cookie!"

Diego and Domingo Caceres Lottery
Credit: Maryland Lottery

Diego Caceres and his brother Domingo were finishing lunch at a Chinese buffet in Maryland when Diego's fortune cookie informed him that it was his lucky day. Diego says he thought little of it until a few hours later when he found himself at a 7-Eleven in Riverdale, a suburb of Washington, DC.

The 25-year-old was picking out a soda at the convenience store when he remembered the message in his fortune cookie and decided "why not." With some money from Domingo, he purchased a $10 Power 8s scratch-off—the second lottery ticket he'd bought in his entire life.

Lo and behold, the scratch-off held a $100,000 prize!

"I have to credit my brother. He loaned me the money," Diego told Maryland Lottery, adding that Domingo will share in the big win.

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Diego, who works as driver for a firm that shuttles construction workers to and from their homes, revealed that their plans for the prize money will involve family and his and Domingo's shared love of soccer. They're considering visiting relatives in Argentina, Guatemala, and Italy, and they might add Spain to their journey so they can attend soccer games in Milan and Madrid.

"We'll live a little," he told the lottery commission. "We are young!"