He even got to give his mama a speeding ticket!
Fort Worth Junior PD
Credit: Facebook/Fort Worth Police Department

Dakin Lovelace has always wanted to be a police officer. "I just like them," the 10-year-old explained to NBC DFW.

"He's been a police officer several times for Halloween," his mother Devon Thomas, told the local news station. "He had handcuffs and he made me handcuff myself in an aisle of Target...this has always been his big thing."

Unfortunately, a rare genetic disorder that affects Dakin's muscles and confines him to a wheelchair stands in the way of his dreams.

But that didn't stop the Fort Worth Police Department from recruiting him.

During a recent visit to the Fort Worth area for medical treatment, Dakin, who lives with his family in East Texas, met a Fort Worth police officer. When the officer learned about his love of law enforcement, he promised Dakin that when got out of the hospital, he could come be a junior officer for their department.

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On Monday, the Forth Worth Police Department held up their side of the deal by hosting a swearing-in ceremony just for the brave youngster. They also gave him a tour of their headquarters, introduced him to other recruits, and even let him go out onto their practice track so he could pull his mom over and write her a speeding ticket.

As if that weren't enough to make his entire year, Dakin also received an official proclamation from the City of Fort Worth and a special certificate from Congressman Marc Veasey.

Fort Worth Junior PD Ceremony
Credit: Facebook/Fort Worth Police Department

They told the beaming boy that they wanted this to be the best day of his life. Based on his smile alone, it seems like they accomplished their mission.

"It's huge," Dakin's mom told NBC DFW. "It's absolutely huge. This has been his dream his whole life. I think he's actually a little shell-shocked right now."