Texas Third-Grader's Love for McDonald's Leads to Adorable Friendship with Drive-Thru Worker

"Ms. Chantel is always ready with a smile and a high-five."

Nathan Garner Ms Chantel
Photo: Lindsey Ward Garner

Eight-year-old Nathan Garner gets a cheeseburger at McDonald's more often than his parents care to admit. "It's among the few foods he'll eat," mom Lindsey explained on Facebook.

But it's hard to fault the Texas third-grader's picky eating habits when they've led to one of the cutest friendships we've seen in a while.

According to Lindsey, Nathan has been ordering his own cheeseburgers from the McDonald's at SW Loop 820 and South Hullen Street in Fort Worth for the past two years. And a drive-thru employee he calls "Ms. Chantel" is almost always there to take his order.

"When we pull up, he rolls down his window and yells 'Hello!?' and Ms. Chantel answers 'Is that my friend?' And then he orders his burger," Lindsey says. "Ms. Chantel is always ready with a smile and a high-five. Nathan looks forward to seeing her."

Ms. Chantel is a big part of Nathan's life, and this Christmas, the Garner family made sure she knows that she has become part of their "village." With some help from his parents, Nathan picked out a special gift (a Bath & Body Works set) and delivered it to her on December 20.

In the card that accompanied the gift, Nathan wrote, "Ms. Chantel, thank you for being my friend. Merry Christmas. Love, Nathan."

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Mom Lindsey said she can't help but wonder what life would be like if relationships like Nathan and Ms. Chantel's were more common.

"The world would be a better place if there were more friendships like this," she mused.

We certainly agree.

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