"By chance, fate, we were walking by at the right time."
Kids Playing in Ocean
Credit: Imgorthand/Getty Images

Things weren't exactly going Amy and Jamie Griffin's way at the start of their recent vacation to Florida's Emerald Coast. The couple tells Fox News that they were forced to find a new place to stay after a bad experience with their hotel room in Panama City, which is how they ended up in windy Fort Walton, walking on the beach when they spotted something troublesome in the surf.

"He was bobbing up and down and Amy said ‘He's in trouble!'" Jamie recalls of the moment they spotted a child drowning in the turbulent waves with his brother and sister. "They were not where they needed to be at all. Six to eight-foot waves, it was very rough."

"I can't help but assume the parents must not have known they had gone into the water," Amy adds.

So Jamie dove in and went for the boy in trouble.

"The undertow was really bad, it was pulling us back, he recalls. "On the way back in, his brother was going under as well and I knew I couldn't go back. I'd be spent. So, I grabbed him as well and made my way back."

Then he went back and saved the little girl too.

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"By chance, fate, we were walking by at the right time," Jaime Griffin said. "We are very blessed and if there's a chance to give back, we do so."