Plan a Trip To See The Rainbow Embassy Public Art Project in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel returns to Fort Smith for his second installation.

Fort Smith, Arkansas Rainbow Embassy
Photo: Justkids

There's a new art exhibit in Fort Smith, Arkansas, that's guaranteed to make you smile: "The Rainbow Embassy" by Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel, in partnership with Justkids, a public art initiative.

The multi-hued home will be on display indefinitely for all to enjoy as they walk or drive through downtown Fort Smith, adding a burst of color and certainly an equal burst of joy to those who pass by. This marks San Miguel's second project in Fort Smith, following the 2016 creation of the similarly colorful Universal Chapel, also in collaboration with Justkids.

"I loved coming back to Fort Smith. It's a very peaceful place to create, it was the perfect balance after having worked in Manhattan and just before heading into the madness of Miami Art Week," said San Miguel in a press release. "I'm incredibly excited and grateful to Justkids and The Unexpected [a Fort Smith program that brings art, speakers, and engagement programs to Arkansas] for the opportunity to come back and complete The Rainbow Embassy, this project gave me the possibility to expand on my previous work, adding more architectonic dimension and completing my vision of mythical animals."

Needless to say, San Miguel's remarkable imagination and creativity is vividly apparent in this whimsical, bold project that reminds all to take a break from the hum of daily life and embrace playfulness.

The Rainbow Embassy 2

As San Miguel himself said in the press release, he hopes that The Rainbow Embassy will bring "a touch of imagination and play into the daily lives of the neighboring community and students at Darby junior high, as they will get to enjoy the installation and watch it evolves through the seasons."

Meanwhile, Charlotte Dutoit, the curator of the Unexpected and Director of Justkids, is beaming with pride over the new installation. "We are elated to have [San Miguel] come back to Fort Smith and add to the incredible portfolio of public artworks The Unexpected project has consistently brought to the region," she said in the same media statement. "[San Miguel's] high spirited and immersive works are a true gift of joy to the community, nothing short of a dream come true."

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Personally, we're looking forward to planning a road trip to Fort Smith to check this marvel out. And for the time being, we've got all the inspiration we need to go bold with paint colors next time a white wall walks into our life.

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