The "FlyLady" Marla Cilley Will Finally Get Your House Clean for Good

You've got our attention.

These days during the coronavirus pandemic, as our homes become our 24/7 environs, we may have become more inspired than ever to get things clean and organized. From the kitchen cabinets to the bathroom tub, we're certainly on a mission to get our living spaces in the best shape ever. (Who's excited for that glorious day when we can invite guests over for dinner?)

But if you're anything like us, it can also be overwhelming to figure out where to start. Do we dust the book shelves? Organize our coat closet? De-gunk our bathroom sinks? Well, that's where the "FlyLady," Marla Cilley comes in, to make cleaning as fun and efficient as possible. As we recently read in an article from House Beautiful, the cleaning wizard got her start back in 1999 with her website The spick-and-span fun has been rolling ever since.

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To get started with her techniques—many of which involve playful acronyms—you can subscribe to the FlyLady's free e-mail blast, which distributes about 10 emails a day to make sure you stay on track with your housekeeping. "Each day, FlyBabies, as they're called, get a daily flight plan (among other things) delivered to their inboxes. This plan advises them on what area to focus on each day, and sets up their weekly cleaning and errand schedule. She breaks up cleaning the home in manageable doses instead of one big daunting task. But it's not all chores: The plan might also include a 'weekly pampering mission' or 'habit of the month' to practice," as Kelly Corbett explains in the House Beautiful article. "Cilley wants her FLY (Finally Loving Yourself) program to help individuals in all aspects of life. In fact, time for family and 'date night' is also implemented into a FLY weekly routine." (P.S. The FlyLady got her nickname from friends giving a nod to Cilley's love of fly fishing.)

You can also follow her on Instagram @the_flylady for regular cleaning motivation.

Personally, with a few weeks of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel bingeing under our belt now, we're decided to devote ourselves to some efforts a tad more productive.

Are you already a fan of the FlyLady? If so, have you had success using her techniques? We're looking forward to showing clutter and grime who's boss.

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