"Flying" Turtle Gets Lodged in Georgia Woman's Windshield

"The turtle got cited, but of course he didn't have insurance and he couldn't get a lawyer."

A Georgia woman and her brother had an unforgettable encounter while running errands earlier this month. Latonya Lark and Kevin Grant were driving northbound on Harry S. Truman Parkway in Savannah when Lark noticed something strange flying towards them.

“I thought it was a brick, and I told [my brother], ‘my God, there’s a brick!’” Lark, who was driving, recalled to WSAV.

In a blink, there was a loud boom and Grant was covered in shattered glass. A turtle was lodged in the windshield.

Turtle in Windshield
Latonya Lark/Facebook

Lark shared photos of the dramatic scene, which show the turtle dangling above the dashboard, on Facebook (below). Fortunately, neither she nor her brother were hurt.

Lark believes that the poor turtle became airborne after a car ahead of them struck it and sent it flying into her windshield.

“The turtle got cited, but of course he didn’t have insurance and he couldn’t get a lawyer, so I wound up having to pay a deductible and everything else,” she told WSAV.

Police officers were to remove the turtle safely, though it lost a leg in the accident. It was later taken to Savannah Animal Care for medical treatment where, sadly, it died due to blood loss.

A spokesperson for the Chatham County Police Department told the station that “how or why” the turtle wound up airborne is undetermined.

With a new windshield, Lark says her story is an example of how the unexpected can happen in a flash.

“If people are not paying attention to the road…you know, whoever hit that turtle, they had to have been flying,” she told WSAV.

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