Rescue Animals on Their Way to Becoming Florida's Official State Pet

Pawsome news!

Rescue pets are just one vote away from receiving a very special designation in The Sunshine State.

Senate Bill 240, a measure that would make rescue animals Florida's official state pet, was unanimously approved in by a Senate committee on Monday.

Democratic Senator Kevin Rader told the Associated Press that he filed the legislation after learning that rescue animals have become the official state pet or animal of a handful of other states, including California, Colorado, Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois, and Ohio.

"The intent of this designation is to raise public awareness of the many animals waiting for forever homes," Rader said. "Hopefully this will encourage more Floridians to adopt pets out of our shelters."

According to the AP, the bill has just one more committee stop before reaching the full Senate. An identical bill is reportedly waiting for approval in the House as well.

Fingers crossed for our furry friends!

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