It was a herculean effort worthy of a celebration, and residents knew just how to thank their dedicated linemen.

The people of Florida continue to show their appreciation for the thousands of linemen working tirelessly to restore power to the communities impacted by Hurricane Irma.

When more than 80,000 residents in the city of Lakeland lost power, utility workers—many from out of state—rushed in to help. Teams pulled 16-hour days for more than a week, and on Wednesday, the city of Lakeland reported that only 300 residents remained without power. It was a herculean effort worthy of a celebration, and the people of Lakeland knew just how to thank them.

When the first batch of out-of-state crews departed the city on Wednesday, locals lined up along the street to give them a hero's send-off. Thankful residents holding signs and American flags clapped and cheered as the teams of dedicated linemen began their journeys home in their iconic bucket trucks. Lakeland shared a video of the occasion on Facebook.

"Early this morning...the first round of out-of-state utilities crews left to head back to their homes after working tirelessly in Lakeland to restore power to our citizens!" the caption reads.

On behalf of our southern neighbors, we thank you too.