It's time for the St. Jude country music radiothon again to raise money for childhood cancer.
Brian Kelley St. Jude Nashville 2018 Concert
Credit: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for St. Jude

Yesterday and today, over a dozen country radio stations—all owned by Townsquare Media—are all banding together to raise funds for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital with nationwide radiothons. According to The Boot, in the past six years these efforts have resulted in more than $9.2 million for St. Jude, along with additional funds that come from Townsquare Media radiothons hosted later in the year.

If you don't hear an announcement on your local country radio station and you'd like to help to find a cure for childhood cancer, become a Partner in Hope by making a donation on St. Jude's official website here. Or, to make a recurring monthly donation, click here. You can also make a donation by calling  1-800-372-4999.

To get in the giving spirit, check out this moving video of Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley singing on stage in Nashville with a St. Jude patient Ian and his family in 2018. "Our patients have the cutest S-M-I-L-Es / Our patients have the sweetest H-E-A-R-Ts," Kelley leads everyone in singing. "Oh we love to see you every day, but now's the time we get to say / Pack up your bags, get out the door / you don't need chemo anymore!"  At the end of the verse, sparkly streamers erupt as the audience erupts into applause.

"It's probably just a little six-line song, but it's the heart and spirit behind it that's beautiful," Kelley said before taking the stage for the event, per KNUE 101.5 out of Tyler, Texas. "That's why I kinda jumped at the opportunity. It's a big day when a patient walks out and they don't have to do any more chemo—you know, their treatments are done. I can't imagine...what that would be like, so to throw a big old party to celebrate that, and have a song to match that energy and excitement, I think it's awesome." Watch the clip of Kelley below.


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As the big screen and shirts in the photo above remind us, just the simple act of a month to this worthwhile organization can really help save lives. We hope all the amazing staff at St. Jude continue to make more research breakthroughs so childhood cancer really is a thing of the past in the near future.