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Flight Attendant
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As Southerners, we know the importance of a warm welcome and always make the extra effort to bookend our requests with "please" and "thank you." So while this tip for amazing service while flying may come as no surprise to folks in our neck of the woods, it's certainly worth a reminder: Say hello to your flight attendants when boarding a plane.

As flight attendant Amanda Pleva wrote in a 2017 posts on Flyertalk, "You know what the worst part of my job is? It isn't cleaning up vomit or dealing with an angry passenger yelling in my face, which is what most people assume. It is when I stand at the aircraft door greeting people and get ignored. To have someone clearly see me and ignore my 'hello' and walk on by is the most dehumanizing experience. It sounds trite and probably is, but all these years later I can't get past the icky feeling of having someone not even think I am worth a simple 'hi' or even just a quickly flashed smile."

Later, Pleva explains that the courtesy gets returned to the best of flight attendants abilities: "...maybe it's a free drink, maybe we tap you on the shoulder and shoo you into an empty row. Or maybe it's just extra-attentive service! But we always appreciate a friendly face, and word usually spreads among the crew when people are especially kind."

So there you have it. Be your darling self and spread the joy from the front of the cabin to the back, ladies and gents.

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