People sure do love their shiplap!
Chip and Joanna Gaines
Credit: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

If you thought that the pandemonium over shiplap and barn doors would fade after Fixer Upper went off the air, think again. New research from Zillow suggests buyers still aren't over the farmhouse fad. In fact, they're willing to pay more for the features made popular by the HGTV juggernaut. A lot more.

According to the Zillow report, the mention of “modern farmhouse style” in a for-sale listing is associated with a 10.3% sale premium, which adds up to about $25,000 on a typical American home. That’s the largest price premium of any home feature or style the online real estate database company looked at. Thanks Chip and Jo!

"Some design trends look great in a photograph, but don't reflect the way most Americans live," Amanda Pendleton, Zillow Lifestyle Expert, said in a news release. "The modern farmhouse trend seems to be enduring because of its livability. It has a more casual, rustic aesthetic that is meant to be lived in; nothing is precious and the more wear and patina, the better, which makes it so appealing to buyers with children or pets."

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But don’t go adding the words “modern farmhouse” or “rustic chic” in your home’s listing if they don’t apply. According to Zillow, overall perception of “niceness,” is what results in these higher premiums.

“If you’ve got these features in your home, don’t hide them from buyers!” the report explains. “And if your home doesn’t have these features, don’t pretend it does.”

Other high-end, custom features that earned significant sale premiums include waterfall countertops, and Moroccan tile.