There's something in the water at this southwest Texas farm.

Longhorn Water Bucket
Credit: The Field Lab

Nobody could have predicted that a video of farm animals drinking from a water bucket in the southwest Texas desert would go viral, but these days, anything is possible.

The "bucket cam" footage uploaded to YouTube by The Field Lab's John Wells is actually surprisingly mesmerizing. Thanks to a camera hidden at the bottom of a water bucket, the video offers a uniquely intimate perspective of the daily lives of farm animals. In the short clip, a motley crew of creatures—a rabbit named George, a donkey, two chickens, a swarm of bees, and Wells' pet longhorn, Ben—stop by for a drink of the crystal-clear water. The video's soundtrack only adds to the hypnotic vibe.

There's definitely something in the water over there, because the clip has already racked up nearly 4 million views in less than a week.

"The bunny is named George. He was a rescue brought to me when he was pretty tiny," Wells wrote on Reddit. "He was released about a week later and is growing fast and is quite happy with the other 50+ wild desert cottontails that live here."

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