Ferrara Reveals the Five Most Popular Candy Cane Flavors

How will you candy cane this holiday season?

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National Candy Cane Day takes places on December 26, but if you ask us, it takes places just about every day from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve. And who knows candy canes better than the confectionery wizards at Ferrara? Last year, the candy company sold enough candy canes to completely fill over 1,300 semi-trucks. And if you've ever wondered what kind of candy canes are flying off the shelves, the folks at Ferrara were kind enough to share all the sweet deets. Below, the most popular Ferrara candy cane flavors. Which is your favorite?

  1. BRACH's Red & White Peppermint Candy Canes No surprise here, but this wintry classic is number one, generating 24% of Ferrara's candy cane sales from 2019. Crafted with real peppermint oil for a refreshing flavor, they just taste like Christmastime, don't they?
  2. SweeTARTS Candy Canes and BRACH's Peppermint Mini Candy Canes These two types of candy canes came in tied for second place with 17% of Ferrara's 2019 candy cane sales. We guess that gives us permission to run a little taste test for both.
  3. BRACH's Cherry Rainbow Candy Canes This fruity flavor secured the third slot with 5% of Ferrara's 2019 candy cane sales. With bright red, blue, green, and yellow stripes, we love how these look as Christmas tree ornaments.
  4. SweeTARTs Mini Candy Canes Another SweeTARTS offering, these mini candy canes made up 2% of Ferrara's 2019 candy cane sales. They come in three flavors: Blue Punch, Green Apple, and Cherry.
  5. BRACH's Green Apple Candy Canes and BRACH's Bob's Peppermint Red & Green Candy Canes For #5, Ferrara saw another tie round out the list with a tie, with each type of candy cane making up 1% of Ferrara's 2019 candy cane sales. Another taste test comparison is on our horizon, we think.

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Recently, Ferrara also launchedNERDS Giant Candy Canes that come with a combination of NERDS tangy Grape and Strawberry flavors (these are also available in a standard size). BRACH's also recently unveiled giant-sized Peppermint Candy Canes, which make a beautiful holiday decoration, to boot.

So what candy cane flavors are on deck for you this holiday season? We see a lot of candy canes — from mini to giant-sized — in our future.

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