Curious which flick gets your state swooning?

By Meghan Overdeep
February 13, 2018

Hallmark Channel's tagline, "The Heart of TV," is no accident. Their feel-good, binge-worthy programming is basically a national pastime. (Seriously! Hallmark regularly ties Fox News and ESPN for the title of most-watched TV network on basic cable.) And with Valentine's Day around the corner, you know we'll be getting cozy with some chocolate and tuning in.

Though as a nation we agree that Hallmark Channel is good for the heart, residents of each state have very different preferences when it comes to must-watch flicks.

Curious what has your neighbors swooning? A recent study conducted by Internet Service Partners using IMDb's "Hallmark Movies 2017" list and Google search results found each state's favorite 2017 Hallmark original movie.

The winner, claiming the hearts of 14 states including Louisiana and Kentucky, was Murder, She Baked: Just Desserts. Y'all like a little suspense with your romance, eh? Next, with nine smitten states, Mississippi and West Virginia among them, The Christmas Cottage came in second. Meanwhile, Texas and Florida were able to agree on their favorite, The Birthday Wish, which took the cake in six U.S. states.

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Wondering what 2017 Hallmark original your neighbors love most? Scroll down to see the most popular movies in your southern state:

Alabama: A Royal Winter

Arkansas: Royal New Year's Eve

Georgia: The Art of Us

Oklahoma: The Art of Us

North Carolina: Love on Ice

Tennessee: Love on Ice

South Carolina: My Favorite Wedding

Virginia: My Favorite Wedding