The Internet can't get enough of this father-son's yearly tradition.

Charles Brockman III Father Son Photo
Credit: @TheOnlyCharlesB

On his first day of kindergarten, Charles Brockman III's father was right by his side. According to Charles in an interview with FOX 5, his parents have always walked him to school, even up until his senior year of high school. Now, bringing his education journey full circle, Charles' father was right there with him again, as the two roamed down the dorm halls at Mississippi State University.

The acclaimed athlete and six-time Junior Olympics hurdle champion from Plano, Texas, is a freshman currently majoring in Broadcast and Communications. But it's the support his parents have provided him over the years that he holds near and dear to his heart, along with all those gold medals.

"It meant the world to me that my parents have stayed by my side for all 18 years of my life," Charles told SL. "From taking me to every practice and attending every game, it just makes me so grateful to be raised by two outstanding individuals. My love and appreciation for them is indescribable."

Another person in the family beaming with pride is Charles' mother, Sherry Brockman, who tweeted this: "I am SUPER proud of both of these men in my life!!! It is wonderful to have some real positivity in this world!!!!"

When Charles posted the semi-matching photos on Twitter, he didn't expect the amazing father-son moment to go viral. Posted on August 13, the tweet now has more than 60,000 retweets and 250,000 likes.

"My parents taking me to school every year has always reminded me that I am not alone in my journey," said Charles. "It brightens up my first days of school knowing that my parents are the last thing I see before venturing off into the new school year. They have motivated me to work harder and perform well to make them proud. Just like my parents drop me off at school, they drop me off right before its time to run and let me know that they love me no matter what."

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Although Charles has grown taller since the first trek with his dad on the way to kindergarten, one thing that hasn't changed over the years is the love and respect he has for his dad.