So much swag.

Stanley and Josiah Freeland
Credit: Instagram @father_like_sonent2404

Stanley Freeland and his four-year-old son, Josiah are using their killer dance moves to inspire others. Freeland, who lives in Atlanta, has been sharing videos of their adorable choreographed dances on Instagram for two reasons: to make people smile, and to encourage other dads to cultivate healthy relationships with their kids.

"I feel father like son videos bring much joy and peace in the world today," Freeland tells told Fox 5 DC.

Freeland says he uses social media as a way to reach and urge other fathers to build strong relationships with their children by doing activities together.

"What inspired me to do the dance videos is seeing my son happy at dances, and seeing him look up to me," Freeland adds.

Dancing to their favorite hip hop tracks, the guys coordinate everything from their moves to their outfits. Not surprisingly, the Internet is eating it up.

In addition to their dance videos, Fox 5 DC reports that the Freelands have begun dabbling in the music biz. The father-son duo recently the "The ABC Song," an original mash-up of trap beats and the ABCs. The song is available on Spotify and Apple Music.