Farmstead Golf Links 18th Hole
Credit: Courtesy of Farmstead Golf Links

Sure, playing a round at Pebble Beach, Augusta, or St. Andrews is cool, but none of these quite stack up to Farmstead Golf Links. Why? Because there you'll be playing 18 holes in two states at once.

Indeed, playing through to the 18th hole at the golf course means you'll be starting your game in South Carolina and ending it in North Carolina.

As Our State explained, the 18th hole truly is a stretch, and one you'll likely want to travel across with a golf cart as it's a 767-yard par 6, making it one of the longest golf holes in the world.

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But, this oddity wasn't exactly part of the original plan for the course. Our State additionally explained, a piece of the 18th hole resides on what used to be a North Carolina farm owned by W.J McLamb family. His family purchased the property in 1939.

In the mid ‘90s McLamb wanted to get involved in the golf world. But, "To have enough space to do what I needed to do," he reportedly said, "the property I needed was in South Carolina." So, he bought the necessary land and opened Farmstead in 1998 in both states.

And, this golfing anomaly isn't the only reason to pay a visit to the gorgeous course. "Set on 480 acres, the links-style layout follows the land's natural contours," the course's site explained. "Fairways are framed by native grasses and pristine lakes, providing many memorable visuals and a course that allows golfers to use their creativity."

Farmstead Golf Links Club House
Credit: Courtesy of Farmstead Golf Links

The only downside of the course's unique double-state feature is the fact that you can only purchase a beer at the course's clubhouse, which is located in Brunswick County, North Carolina and from its beverage cart. However, that cart can't cross state lines into South Carolina, so make sure you grab a cold one before getting to the putting green.

Grab a tee time on the club's site any time, which run between $50 to $75 depending on the time and the number of people in your golf party.