The Most Iconic Sandwich in Every Southern State Revealed

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You can sit and argue with Mamaw from now until the end of time over what your hometown's classic sandwich is, but sometimes it's best to let others settle the debate.

Earlier this week, we stumbled upon a list from ezCater, the country's largest marketplace for business catering, on America's 50 Most Iconic Sandwiches by State, sharing what sandwich is most popular in every state.

Below, check out the Southern winners — are you surprised by what ranked numero uno for your state?

  • Alabama: Chicken barbecue with white sauce
  • Arkansas: Fried bologna sandwich
  • Delaware: The Bobbie (roast turkey with holiday fixins')
  • Florida: Cuban
  • Georgia: Pimento cheese
  • Kentucky: Hot brown
  • Louisiana: Muffuletta
  • Maryland: Crab cake
  • Mississippi: Grilled shrimp po' boy
  • Missouri: Hot salami
  • North Carolina: Pulled pork
  • Oklahoma: Chicken-fried steak
  • South Carolina: Pulled pork with "gold sauce"
  • Tennessee: Elvis sandwich
  • Texas: Smoked brisket
  • Virginia: Country ham
  • West Virginia: Sausage biscuit

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Bonus: In honor of National Sandwich Month this August, ezCater is offering $50 off of a minimum order of $100 on weekday catering orders with the code ezsandwiches50 all month long.

Well, we think we'll go ahead and call it a day and whip up a nonpartisan tomato sandwich. Sound good to you? Don't tell Mamaw, friends.

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