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Seashells Christmas Tree
Credit: Etsy

When we first saw BestProducts.com cover the seashell Christmas tree craze on Etsy, we knew we were intrigued. What we didn't know was that we'd spend the next, oh, hour of our lives in a seashell Christmas tree spiral, as we searched for the best of the bunch.

Thankfully, we think we found them, and we can't wait to start decorating for a very coastal Christmas. First, pictured above, are Etsy vendor CathysCoastCreations' seashell and sea glass beach Christmas trees. You can buy one for $39 or the set of three for $105. Personally, we love the starfish crowning the tree and that each handmade tree is unique.

Second, we're loving Etsy seller seashellsbyseashore's limpet shell tree, also with a starfish topper, and starting at $79 (depending on what size you want). Even if we can't make it to the beach this holiday season amid the coronavirus pandemic—let alone see our neighbors—we love how these simple decorative trees bring a bit of that ambience into our homes.

Over at Etsy, the company's trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, has much to say about this bourgeoning trend and riffs on Christmas tree designs in general. “This holiday season shoppers are having fun discovering new takes on traditional Christmas trees—from succulents to seashells and everything in between," she shares with Southern Living. She adds that succulent trees, in particular, are seeing quite the booming demand: "In the last three months alone [compared to the same time the previous year], there has been a 17,973% increase in searches on Etsy for succulent Christmas trees, telling us this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Etsy has a number of different styles and sizes available, so shoppers can easily find one that matches their holiday and home aesthetic," says Isom Johnson.

Whether you go succulents or seashells, a classic live tree or a tiny fake tree, we think any way you show your spirit is an excellent one. Alas, a girl can never have too many diamonds or seashells in her home, though.