Help make Miss Ethel's day!


Ethel Bowens, the oldest living woman in Oklahoma, is a few weeks away from her 110th birthday. Come August 26, Miss Ethel will be one of just a handful of Americans considered a supercentenarian.

To put things in perspective, Bowens was born just two years after Oklahoma became a state. She's lived in Guthrie for 109 years, through both World Wars.

And she has a lot to show for it. Bowens was married for 65 years, has six children, 29 grandchildren, 54 great-grandchildren and 46-great-great-grandchildren with one on the way.

She and her husband Volna, who passed away in 1989, made a life for themselves working their 160-acre farm.

You probably won't guess what her secret to a long life is.

"One man," she told KFOR, referring to Volna, the love her life. "He was a good man and a good provider. He had to be to stay with me."

She also credits not smoking, not drinking, and her faith in God for giving her 110 years.

For her birthday, Bowens would love cards. If you want to send one, please use the following address:

Ethel Bowens

P.O. BOX 863

Guthrie, Oklahoma 73044

Happy birthday Miss. Ethel!