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Washing dishes is a funny thing. You can view it as the daily chore that you dread the most (okay, thrice weekly). Or, you can view it as a chance to relax and reflect on your day, complete with your favorite Spotify playlist streaming, calories a'burnin', and maybe even some vino sipping.

We choose the latter. But what's the one thing you can do to elevate your dish washing experience to new heights? Transform your dish soap into a scented oil-infused nirvana. Skip the pricey soaps (which are often loaded with icky additives and chemicals) and opt for a quick DIY version.

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As The Kitchn recommends, you can buy an unscented castile liquid soap—our pick is Dr. Bronner's, which you'll want to dilute 1:10 with water for dish washing—and then add your favorite essential oil (or two) for a dreamy fragrance. Try a few drops of lemon or peppermint oil, or if you feel like getting really fancy, add equal parts orange and pine oils. Bonus: Your kitchen will smell really good.

The stress-busting scents may very well turn the dreaded kitchen task into a moving meditation.