Talk about TLC.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
August 15, 2017
Getty / FPG / Staff

Ask Memaw and Papaw about the "good ole days" and they'll likely have one or two (or twenty) grand tales about a cherished local doctor making a house call.

One Washington, D.C. area doctor is on a mission to bring that heartwarming touch from your medical professional back to the norm. With a practice that consists entirely of house calls, Dr. Ernest Brown is having a major impact on his local community. As The Today Show reported in a profile on the kindhearted doc, Dr.Brown maintains no office. Instead, he reaches his patients via a donated car or his neon green bike to visit them at home, offices, hotels, or wherever they may be.

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The whole concept was sparked by a mentor of Dr. Brown's. "[I saw my mentor say to a patient,] ‘Mary, you're doing great, so I'll see you home in a week,'" Brown told Today. "Those words, ‘I will see you home in a week,' changed my entire career." Soon, Dr. Brown was accompanying the doctor on his visits to patients' homes and loved the strong connections these appointments fostered.

"I saw the relationships he had with patients. I saw the connections he had out in the community. And I thought, this is it," he said. What's more, the unique advantages of seeing a patient at home can also help with their medical care. For instance, Dr.Brown can see what medicines a patient is taking and what food is in their fridge—insight he'd never be privy to "sitting in a box at a clinic, being told I have to see patients every 10 minutes."

The business model may be unconventional, but it works for Dr.Brown. He enjoys the flexible lifestyle and getting to know families and forging strong bonds in his community. "My apartment is 700 square feet. There's no boat. I don't own any property. My car was donated to me. But it's all very much in line with the way I was raised," he said. "This is what feels right."

Watch the moving clip with Dr.Brown below.