We're all one big hometown.

Laurel Mercantile Co. Print
Credit: instagram.com/laurelmercantile

For so many Americans, California holds a special place in our hearts — whether it's memories of a journey through the Redwood forests or a ferry to Catalina Island. Now, as the state faces some of the most devastating wildfires ever recorded, many are looking for ways to give back to the beautiful state.

Erin Napier is no exception. "In 2016 we spent two weeks working in California and I cried when we left it. When the wind blows a certain way, I feel homesick for the sunshine and our very short time there. My heart is hurting for those who've lost so much and we are working on a project at @laurelmercantile to help those in need after the California wildfires. Follow along there for updates on how you can help, no matter where your hometown may be," she wrote yesterday on Instagram.

Shortly thereafter, Laurel Mercantile Co. shared an update announcing they would be selling their "Neighbors" print with a portion of the proceeds going to the California Fire Foundation. "Our hearts are hurting for our friends in California that have been affected by the wildfires and have lost so much," the post began. "Purchase the Neighbors print with the link in profile! * $20 of each print purchased will go directly to the California Fire Foundation, whose mission is to provide victim assistance and emergency short-term financial assistance to fire and natural disaster victims in California year-round, including both firefighters and civilians." You can buy the print here.

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Of course, Laurel Mercantile's sweet gesture may seem small, but it's only through many tiny acts of kindness like this one that communities can recover after such catastrophic destruction.

If you're looking for other ways to help, consider making a donation to California Community Foundation's Wildfire Relief Fund or donating to the Red Cross where you can specify that your money goes to support people affected by the California wildfires.