Erin Napier's Mother-in-Law Has Genius Advice to Make Your Bath Towels Last Forever

Well, this could have saved us forty years of replacements.

Erin and Ben Napier
Photo: Brooke Davis

Erin Napier is our inspiration in so many ways, from her sweet love story with husband Ben to her home design talent. Indeed, the Laurel, Mississippi resident always amazes us with tidbits of advice and motivation.

Now, her mother-in-law is the one amazing us. This time, the advice comes in the form of a smart home decor tip for our bathrooms: "When we first got married my mother-in-law told me to always buy white towels. You can bleach them so they never mildew over the years," Napier writes in a recent Instagram post praising Ben's mama. "I've always been weirdly picky about my towels so I'm pretty jazzed that we're carrying made in the USA towels made from Southern cotton, embroidered with our @laurelmercantile wreath icon. I feel kinda fancy."

You can buy the towels on Laurel Mercantile's online shop here for $19 each, along with matching bath mats, bath sheets, and wash cloths, should your heart desire.

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