By Perri Ormont Blumberg
October 23, 2018
Brooke Davis

Will Erin Napier ever stop making us pucker up into an "awwww?" We think not. Whether it's penning (and sharing!) a love note to hubby Ben or taking us along on a family trip to Waffle House, we can't get over this sweet Southern mama and her sweet family from Laurel, Mississippi.

Now, the HGTV Home Town star has done it yet again. This time, by telling us an oh-so-cute story about a special olive tree in the couple's yard. "We planted the sweet olive tree beside the porch when we bought our house, planning on dinners outside in the fall and spring where the scent of its sweet, rosey, citrusy blooms would be strongest," the post begins, alongside a photo of their adorable daughter Helen beside the fabled shrub. "Helen's swing sits right beside it, and now I will always think of this, her quiet 'wheeee!' and the creak of the ropes when I smell it. It was hard to exactly duplicate that smell in our candle at @laurelmercantile but we nailed it and in the suffocating heat of midsummer when it seems like the sweet olives will never come back, I can light it and almost fool myself."

To bring this delightful scent into your own living room, you can order the candle on Laurel Mercantile's website for $26 here. Never one to hold back on the elegant words front, Napier paints a vivid picture of the candle in the product description too. "Growing up coming into Laurel from my home in the country as a child held a mysterious and romantic fascination for me, with its century-old oak trees and grand homes built at the turn of the 20th century. Field trips to the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art in childhood and late-night walks around our historic town when Ben and I moved back home to Laurel after college were all permeated with a very particular scent memory that makes my heart swell with a homesick, displaced feeling if I smell it anywhere outside the confines of home: sweet olive," she writes.

"The smell is unlike any other bloom, sweet, with notes of citrus and herbs, and once you smell it you never forget. Every historic property in Laurel is covered in these shrubs that leave their delicious scent all over town in the spring and fall. Laurel Mercantile Co. has worked carefully to create a custom fragrance that's so close to the real thing, you can breathe it in and imagine you're on a 5th Avenue stroll to the pumpkin patch or Day in the Park."

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Meanwhile, if you're hankering for an extended fix of the Napiers before Season 3 of Home Town debuts, check out their new book, Make Something Good Today: A Memoir, which was released earlier this month. Come to think of it, we can't think of a better way to unwind from a long day than to grab our copy and light our Laurel Candle.